Priorities and how to achieve them


The concept is created for countries in dairy transition to produce safe quality food for the locals. We’re convinced that those farms could have an enormous impact on the economics of countries in transition. concept will prevent poaching and other illegal activities and is a help to reduce economical migration. has the ambition to construct farms all over the world with a specific focus on countries in transition.


Operational profits

The efforts for animal health and welfare, the carbon footprint reduction and the waste chain come with a cost. In this business plan the production cost per 100 liters milk is €32. Milk processing costs €10 per 100 liters milk, resulting in a farmgate price of processed dairy of €42. Today, 06/23/2018, ( – world dairy products overview) Oceanian butter prices are €470 per 100 kilograms and European butter prices are €590 per 100 kilograms.

These numbers prove that the concept can offer the local population quality food with European Food Safety Agency parameters for a very fair price.